LooC’s February Faves

I literally feel like I just sat down to write January’s LooC List about a minute ago.  How did February fly by so quickly???

We have been a bit busy here, I suppose, between birthdays, Valentine’s day, an attempt at a kid-free date, minor surgery, school, and work.  Oof!  Was your month just as crazy?

Well, before I wait any longer and suddenly find myself in the middle of March, let’s get to LooC’s February Faves!!

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The Cardi so nice, I bought it TWICE!

Old Navy striped cardigan

This Old Navy cardigan topped the list of fave IG looks for February.  When I first saw it in store, my initial thoughts were:  1). it’s too long, 2). the stripes are too wide, 3). it looks like a Grandpa sweater.  How it ended up in my dressing room is a mystery.  But, I’m so happy it did!  I was super surprised the length actually worked on my shorter frame (5’4″ for reference), and the little side slit made for an ultra flattering cut.  It’s lightweight enough for year-round wear here in Northern VA.  I loved this so much the first time I wore it, I immediately went online to add its yellow-striped twin to my cart.  (Hello, my name is Brooke, and I’m addicted to cardis).  I think the yellow stripes will be so cheerful for spring and summer and can also double as a swim cover-up!  Currently, ON is running a 25% off deal, so you can get yours for less than $30.  Go!  Go!  Go!  Well, finish reading this post…then go!  😉

Gelish Gel Polish Remover Kit

Ssshhh…I am about to tell you how I’ve been skirting the Army’s nail polish regulation.  Current Army standards ban any sort of unnatural nail color, French manicures included.  However, without polish on, I am a notorious nail biter (such a gross habit…I know).  My compromise?  Clear nail polish!  Lately, I’ve been going for clear GEL polish for the healthy shine it adds to my nails, which serves as a visual reminder to not gnaw on them like a beaver on a log.  In theory, gel polish is also supposed to outlast regular polish.  This is probably true for regular folks.  For obsessive nail-biting, cuticle-picking creatures like myself (again, so gross, I know), gel polish merely adds an extra challenge.  Because I cannot come to terms with paying my local salon $15 to REMOVE the polish, I inevitably end up scraping it off in the most damaging way possible.

This month, happily, I found a DIY solution–Gelish Wrap It Off Foil Removal Kit.

Even more happily…it WORKS!!  🙂  🙂

Gelish Polish Remover

This kit results in a MUCH healthier gel removal than my bite-and-peel method.  A small dot of cuticle oil rubbed over the entire nail surface afterwards also leaves your nails moisturized and residue-free.  I highly recommend this kit.  For less than $30, you get 100 foil strips, or the equivalent of 10 gel polish removals.  Cha-ching!

Oh, one more note for the Gelish Wrap It Off Foil Removal Kit.  I highly recommend doing this ONE hand at a time.  Otherwise you’re stuck like Edward Foil-hands for a good 15 minutes.  I also highly recommend NOT eating with these things on, or your food will taste like polish remover (got that last tip from a friend….yea….)  😉

Here is everything I used with the Gelish Wrap It Off Foil Removal Kit for successful at-home removal!

St. Patty’s Day Pre-Game Mindy Mae's Market tee

Up until two years ago, I was completely opposed to all things St. Patrick’s Day.  And then our youngest daughter decided the perfect birthday was….you guessed it…St.Patty’s Day.  So, this year, I have been busily prepping for her 2nd birthday, to include buying theme shirts for the whole family.  I’ve got the girls covered (again, Old Navy for the win!), and, thanks to Mindy Mae’s Market, I’ve got myself covered, too.  Isn’t this “Lucky” tee the cutest??

Mindy Mae's Market Taco tee


I adore Mindy Mae’s Market for its perfect mix of classic pieces and tongue-in-cheek theme wear.  HURRY, if you like this tee, though, because MMM items sell out FAST!  Just in case you miss the Lucky tee, plan ahead for Cinco de Mayo with this ultra cute Taco shirt.  It even has glitter.  I mean…come….on….!  😉

ALOHA bars

Finally, I have to share a new fave protein bar with you–ALOHA.  You probably remember January’s list included my fave TIU Peanut Butter bars. I promise, not every LooC list will include a protein bar.  But ALOHA bars are too good not to share!

Aloha Protein bars

First off, ALOHA offers this chocolate mint flavor.  I absolutely LOVE anything chocolate mint flavored–coffee, ice cream, cookies.  Happily–like TIU–ALOHA bars are 100% veggie-based protein.  After my personal taste test, I can confidently say these….are…DELICIOUS!!!  A chocolate mint ALOHA bar and coffee is now my go-to breakfast.  Super tasty, super satisfying, and super portable!. Tell me which bars YOU like better–TIU or ALOHA?

That wraps up February’s edition of the LooC List.  I can’t wait to hear your feedback about February’s items.  And, as always, I need your input for March!  What are your current must-haves the LooC Community needs to know about?


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