Stitch Fix try-on
Get $25 of Stitch Fix credit to use towards your 1st Fix!

My Note

Nope, nada, nothing…that’s what my stylist had to work with to create my latest Fix because guess who forgot to submit her style requests on time??!! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

In a way, that can be fun, though, to leave your style completely in the hands of someone else. I mean, that is what Stitch Fix is all about–letting a personal stylist STYLE you and help push your fashion boundaries!

Enough chit chat, on to the goods!

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LooC #1–Market & Spruce

Market & Spruce Karlotta Hooded Dolman Knit Top

Fit: Slightly oversized with EXTRA length (meant to be tucked up)

Price: $$–nearly $60 for this lightweight dolman hoodie, which is slightly overpriced, IMO.

Verdict: Return. The extra length does not really make sense to me. And there are a TON of similar styles available at my favorite stores, too.

LooC #2–Daniel Rainn & Lemon Tart

Daniel Rainn Quinby Mixed Material Crochet Trim Top

Fit: Slightly undersized–almost felt like Petite Sizing, due to its shorter length. Surprising amount of stretch across the back, though!

Price: $$–moderately pricey, as expected for a Daniel Rainn blouse.

Verdict: Return. That Rayon, tho! 😩

Lemon Tart Sheilah Back Seam Detail Legging

Fit: TTS, the zipper detail actually helps “ZIP” everything in (literally!)

Price: $$$– πŸ’₯YOWZA πŸ’₯! At just under $80, these are priced more like high quality slacks than leggings. I feel like the high price point reflects the intricate seam & zipper details and the sturdy, Ponte fabric.

Verdict: After MUCH debate…return. I πŸ’• LOVED πŸ’• the details, especially that zig-zag back seam. However, the zipper would always be hidden by longer, tunic-length tops. Didn’t feel like I could justify spending $80 for leggings.

LooC #3–Skies are Blue

Skies are Blue Edgar Border Print Knit Top

Fit: TTS and regular length, too!

Price: $$, but still the least expensive of all 5 items in this Fix.

Verdict: Return–still afraid that Rayon would mean major shrinkage for this beautiful top after 1 wear.

LooC #4–Goldray

Goldray Lowrey Knit Jumpsuit

Fit: UH-MAA-ZING!!!!! Insanely comfortable and TTS. The ultra wide-legs are one of my favorite details on this outfit.

Price: $$$–another $78 item, but seems more logical since it’s for an entire jumpsuit (not just leggings)

Verdict: Return, only because of the all-over print. TOTALLY wold have kept this in solid black. *sigh*

Fix #60 in the books…Fix #61 in the works

I can’t wait to hear all your feedback about this Spring-ready Fix. What would YOU keep? Any faves you’ll be Pinning?

Creating a dedicated Stitch Fix Pinterest board really allows your stylist to get to know your likes and dislikes, which increases your chances of getting a 5/5 Fix every time. And don’t forget to claim your $25 of Stitch Fix credit to use towards your 1st Fix!

See you for the next Fix, friends!

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