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I FINALLY thought ahead for Fix #54 and screenshot my note to my stylist.  WHY, Stitch Fix??  WHY must the notes to our stylists disappear once our Fix goes into styling? 😒  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Let’s figure out a way to archive notes in our Stitch Fix profiles…okay? 🀫  Okay, love you, BYEEE! 😘

Until then….screenshots it is! 

Stitch Fix 54

LooC #1–Nike on Nike on Nike πŸ‘Ÿ

Ask, and you shall receive.  Kimberly answered my Athleisure request with a COMPLETE Nike outfit from head-to-toe…err ankle (I already owned the TR8 training shoes !).

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These bold Nike Power Tight Gym Flutter Print are a true compressive fit, so plan to size up on these.  Typically, I’m a 6/8 in pants.  Kimberly sent a Small and (aside from this pic) I would not be comfortable wearing these in public until I exchanged for a Medium.  I prefer soft leggings that can triple as yoga wear, running tights, AND everyday wear.  The slick material and sporty pattern of these Power Tights definitely narrows their function to a cold weather running tight.  

Fit: Snug–plan to size up one

Pride:  $85…As expected for premium running gear, but there are great (less expensive) options out there too, like this fun pair from Old Navy

Verdict:  Return

To top off the tights, Kimberly sent not one, but TWO layers.  The short sleeve Nike Miler top and full-zip NSW Rally Hoodie.   Girl was ALL about fulfilling my request.  As a rule, I avoid clothing with super noticeable logos.  Not to say I’m not totally biased towards my fave brands (all hail Athleta!).  I don’t know why…there’s just something about a giant swoosh on my chest or a huge UA on my butt…I just can’t. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ  

Fit:  Both tops were TIGHT and short.  (hmmm…I’m noticing a trend here….maybe I should start cutting out the nightly vino?? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ·)  Consider sizing up on both.  

Price:  Same as the tights–not excessive for a premium brand, but similar styles for lower price points are easy to snag at your local Old Navy or T.J.  Maxx.  

Verdict:  Return both

Don’t fret, friends!  I was able to find this similar style top to the one I originally requested…so all is well. πŸ‘Œ

LooC #2–Kut from the Kloth

Kimberly was a total rockstar and sent me two very different denim styles to consider–one skinny and one bootcut.  

Stitch Fix Jeans

The Kut from the Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean are a wardrobe staple.  The medium-dark wash is super flattering, and their classic simplicity make them totally appropriate for casual wear at home or for a Casual Friday at work (if your office allows jeans).

The particular pair I got was marked as 6S, so I’m not sure if I accidentally received a petite size.  The inseam measured 10″ but, man, those suckers were TIGHT (hmmm…again with that theme…. *takes another sip of vino*)

Stitch Fix Skinnies

Fit:  Consider sizing up (but also double check tags for petite sizing)

Price:  $88, a fair price for Stitch Fix premium denim

Verdict:  Return

LooC #3–Just Black

Stitch Fix Bootcut Jeans
One of the BEST white shirts I’ve found.  Add this to your wardrobe immediately!  

The other pair of jeans Kimberly sent were the Just Black Ariana Bootcut Jeans.  Yeehaw, baby!  Over the years, my jean wardrobe has steadily transformed from loose to straight to skinny, so this hip-huggin’ pair with a bit o’ flare added some nice variety.  Unfortunately, the length was too long and I didn’t care to invest in hemming.

Verdict:  Return

But, for my fellow short-leg babes, I found this pair of flare jeans at Nordstrom.  Budget-friendly and no hemming required! 

Fix #54 in the books…Fix #55 in the works!

I can’t wait to read all your thoughts about Kimberly’s picks.  Remember to Pin your fave looks to your own Stitch Fix Pinterest board.  Creating a dedicated Stitch Fix Pinterest board really allows your stylist to get to know your likes and dislikes, which increases your chances of getting a 5/5 Fix every time!  And of course, don’t forget to claim your πŸ’΅ $25 Stitch Fix credit πŸ’΅…ya know, to help you BUY all those 5/5 Fixes! πŸ˜‰  

See you for the next Fix, friends!

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