The big event starts Jul 12th for cardholders!

Okay, so I think we covered all the bases about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale–and why it’s such a unique, BIG deal–in my previous post. (Glam Days, anyone??) 😘

Now, I want to tell you about the 3️⃣ deals I am MOST excited about, after my sneak peek 😎 at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog.

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I know I covered this in the previous sale post. But…I can’t help myself. I am SUCH a fan of Athleisure, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale promises serious discounts on some of the biggest names in the Athleisure world.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Wrap $45.90 on sale ($69 regular price); Striped tank $29.90 on sale ($45 regular price)

We’re talkin’ Zella…Nike…Sweaty Betty….ALO! This year’s Sales catalog is bursting with designer names, which makes me think this year’s sale has, virtually, NO limits on what will be marked down!

The Zella Wrap shown ⬆️ above isn’t even on Nordstrom’s website, yet. Just another huge highlight of this truly unique Sale–pre-season items will be available for steep discounts. The wrap, tank, and fleece joggers are pretty much my ideal Fall combo! Keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be able to scoop all 3 up for less than $100 during the Sale.

Keep in mind, sale items go QUICK…and restocks are NOT likely 😞. The best way to ensure you get your top sale picks is to become a card-carrying Nordy Super Fan. I haven’t taken the leap, myself, though I may be kicking myself come July 19th…a solid 7-days after cardholders’ July 12th headstart 🏁.

Charlotte Tilbury

DAHLINS, I’m simply DYING over the Charlotte Tilbury deal for this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (Read in an exaggerated British accent, a la Charlotte Tilbury! 😘)

πŸ’‹ Pillowtalk Duo + Lip Gloss πŸ’‹

This ENTIRE trio–the famous Pillow Talk Lip Kit–will be available for $60!! Normally, the lipstick and gloss, together,would already be pushing that price point. During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, however, you get the complete kit–liner, matte lipstick, and lustrous gloss–for $60.

Happy Feet

Can you even get through a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale without thinking of UGGS or Vince Camuto?

This year’s sales catalog had PLENTY of both…and all their friends! πŸ˜‰

Check out these beauties…

Vince, Born, UGG…oh my!

Who knew UGG made loafers?!? And for under $65 (normally $99+) I am definitely going to give them a try!

I’ve heard incredible things about the Born riding boots for years. And the side stitching on those Vince Camuto knee highs is just too sweet! 😍 Born and Vince are expensive designer splurges, for sure. But, with sale prices $70 BELOW normal retail, they are almost within normal budget bounds ☺️!! Given Nordstrom’s ultra-generous return policy, I think it’s worth the splurge to try ’em (even if it is just to try them ON ☺️).

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As promised….

To map out exactly how you’ll be budgeting for the big #NSale, here is your sneak peek into the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog.

πŸ’• Happy browsing, friend πŸ’•