I have definitely had my fair share of beauty blunders in my 40 years. Waxing, threading, and “permanent” hair removal? Tried ’em all. Laser facial that resulted in an emergency doctor visit? Been there (that’s a helluva story). Tried every hair color within Army regulation? You better believe it…jet black was probably my worst choice 💇ðŸŧ‍♀ïļ

But, let me tell you about the BEST beauty decision I have ever made….hands down (err…brows down 😊).


After years of waxing and the occasional threading, I was sporting some serious “Summer” brows. As in, “Some are here…some are there” ðŸĪĢ

One day in 2018 changed everything. I happened across the IG page of a former schoolmate. She owned her own salon (cheers to that Boss Babe status!) that specialized in Microblading. At the time, I had NO idea what Microblading was. All I knew was that her IG feed was a stunning collage of the fullest, fluffiest, HEALTHIEST eyebrows I’d ever seen. 👀

I was in awe and had to know more. So began my Microblading 101 education..

1st thing to know about Microblading...it IS a tattoo.

No…not THAT kind of tatoo. 😝

Trained Microblading artists use a tiny handheld tool to deposit semi-permanent pigment to the topmost layer of skin, creating the appearance of natural hair. Basically, a very shallow, surface layer tattoo that looks like hair strokes.

2nd thing to know about Microblading…DO YOUR RESEARCH! Before you book an appointment, dedicate time to research your options. Ask for local recommendations. Consider how far you’re willing to travel to get the best service. Stalk…I mean…FOLLOW your top choices on social media. Make sure you LOVE their work (if you don’t like it on someone else, you certainly won’t like seeing it in the mirror every day).

Be patient…do not rush the process.

This is your face, we’re talking about here. It is WORTH the wait.

Months of research led me to the top-rated Microblading Artist in Northern Virginia– Samira Brow Couture!

I waited (and stalked her IG page) for nearly a year before finally booking my appointment. Once booked, there was an additional 6 month wait.

As painstaking as the research/waiting process sounds, it is beneficial for more than one reason. Not only does it ensure that you WANT to do this (it’s not a hasty decision)…that waiting period also gives you time to be saving those pennies. Microblading is not the cheapest beauty treatment. Nor SHOULD it be…if your artist has ridiculously low prices, RUN! ðŸƒðŸ―â€â™€ïļ (again…this is your FACE we’re talking about here…)

3rd thing to know about Microblading…it’s an investment. Plan to spend between $500-$800 depending on where you live and the level of expertise of your Microblading Artist. The cost of your 1st session (usually) includes your first touch-up, also. After that, touch-ups will be an added $200-$300 every 12-18 months.

4th thing to know about Microblading…before and aftercare instructions are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Following all before and aftercare instructions to…a…T is crucial to the healing process and can make or break your final results.

Samira Brow Couture sends clients home with her own brand of healing oil, Rumi Rose. This stuff is GOLD!! (#notsponsored…it’s just REALLY good!)

For me, the hardest part about the aftercare routine was modifying my usual workouts. Sweat can damage the fresh hair strokes, so it is best to avoid heavy sweating for 2 weeks after your procedure. I tried to purposefully schedule my appointment after an intense training cycle. That way I looked forward to the recovery, instead of feeling stressed about not being able to run.

5th thing to know about Microblading–DON’T TOUCH! I know…I know…your brand new, fluffy eyebrows are SO tempting to touch. But do your best to leave them alone during the healing process.

6th thing to know about Microblading…trust the healing process. Your brows will look SUPER dark right after the procedure (like, scary dark).

Don’t worry! That’s NOT the final result. Over the next month, or so, they color will soften. Your brows will likely get patchy and feel itchy during the healing process. All totally normal. The follow-up visit will be the time to fill-in any patchiness that remains after the full healing cycle.

Like I said earlier, getting my eyebrows Microbladed is, easily, the best beauty decision I have ever made. I cannot imagine my face with the thin, sparse brows I was sporting for 30+ years ðŸĪŠ. I love how full and fluffy they look, now. Plus, I no longer need to spend time filling in my brows. Woohoo! Bye-bye brow pencils.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any other questions about Mircroblading. I’d be happy to share more about my experience.

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