I’m all about self care and taking a bit of solo Mama time EVERY day. Too often, though, I think the term “self care” gets confused with extravagant plans and expensive luxuries.

Ain’t nobody got time (or $$) for that….especially us hardworkin’ Mamas! 🤣

Let’s dial it back to the basics, people! I’m talking self care as simple as a hot shower (with time to shampoo, rinse, AND repeat 💆🏼‍♀️). Or time to listen to your favorite Podcast’s latest episode 💬

Here are my top 3 Podcast picks, perfect to carry you through the spookiest 👻 season of the year.

Dr. Death

This was the first Podcast I ever listened to, based off Loverly Grey’s recommendation (one of my FAVE Blogger babes!)

Dr. Death Podcast

It is startling…it is terrifying…and it is all TRUE 😬!

It is also a bit gruesome. The Podcast–dedicated to the gross malpractice of a Dallas-based surgeon–does not shy away from the gritty medical details of “Dr. Death’s” heinous acts. I do NOT advise listening to this during a long run, especially if you are prone to a sensitive tummy (I learned that the hard way 🤢).

“Dr. Death,” presented by Wondery, hosted by Laura Beil


While “Dr. Death” is 💯% reality, “Spooked’s” collection of supernatural tales will have you second-guessing what’s real and what’s not.

This ghostly Podcast is highly entertaining and highly binge-able. Each episode is self-contained, allowing you to skip around and listen out-of-order.

Season 3 just dropped at the end of August (new Seasons are timed to lead straight into Halloween 🎃) . It is bursting with 26 new episodes, and I cannot wait to tune in!

“Spooked,” presented by Snap Judgment, hosted by Glynn Washington

Super Soul Conversations

After all that spooky and macabre, you might be craving a soothing salve for the soul. Insert Oprah’s “Super Soul Conversations.”

This enlightening series of interviews explores faith, mental health, spirituality, and overall wellness. Listeners are provided an aural oasis in which to reconnect to their inner self and the Universe around them.

My personal favorite are the 2-part Michelle Obama interview and the Shawn Achor interview–“The Secrets of Happy People.”

“Super Soul Conversations,” presented by OWN, hosted by Oprah Winfrey

Happy listening, friends!