Toddler Parties

Do you have one of those friends who is like you in so many ways it’s scary?  My friend, Joelle, and I are like that.  Our fashion likes are crazy similar, we work together, we were even pregnant at the same time….BOTH times!  With each of us “Momming” two littles whose birthdays are mere months apart, you can imagine the amount of playdates and parties we attend every year.

Toddler parties seem like they should be simple enough.  Put out a plate of graham crackers, chocolate milk, and  “Frozen” on Netflix and you should be golden, right?!  Not so much.  Somehow, toddler parties have gone from simple get-togethers to elaborately themed parties worthy of “Real Housewives” status.

Joelle was definitely feeling the party-planning pressure for her oldest daughter’s 4th birthday.  With less than a week before the party, and no definite plans, Joelle confessed she was starting to panic.  We started bouncing ideas around, and she mentioned organizing a craft for the kids…maybe painting.  A painting party?  Brilliant!  I was all for this idea, and encouraged her to go with it.  In less than a week, this is what Joelle singlehandedly pulled together…

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Painting Party Set-Up

The table was picture perfect when we arrived!  Joelle set each individual spot with a prepped canvas square, paint tray, brushes, colorful smock, and name tag (handwritten by the birthday girl, herself).

Toddler Party Table set-up
Toddler Painting Party supplies

Joelle used traditional painter’s tape to prep each kiddo’s canvas with their initial.  This was the most time-consuming aspect of the pre-party hustle, but with a BIG payoff.  This thoughtful touch ensured each kiddo had a completely original design AND a unique party favor to take home!

Painter Tape on Canvas

โš  Caution โš : Artists at Work

It was truly amazing to see the buzzing, energetic group of littles (ranging in age from 18 months to 4+) become completely absorbed in this activity.  There was the rogue wanderer from time-to-time but, for the most part, all the kids were excited to stay in their seat, experiment with color, and watch their blank canvas come to life!

Toddler painting party fun

Boy, did they come to life!

Toddler Paint Party Canvases

Inevitably, the array of flat, round, and sponge brushes were abandoned for the classic finger paint approach  ๐Ÿ˜‹

Finger painting fun

Dry Time = Lunch Time, Play Time

As each artist hung up his or her smock, it was time for a thorough scrub down.  This task was made MUCH easier with these super impressive Rodan + Fields Eye Cloths.  Remember my friend & skincare expert, Steph, from January’s LooC List?  She clued me in to R+F Eye Cloths’ ability to get kids goop-free without harsh scrubbing. They removed paint from little faces and hands with ease.  I will definitely be stocking these in my purse from now on!

Rodan and Fields Refine Eye Cloths

With clean-up done, it was time to let the masterpieces dry…

Toddler paint party

…while we transitioned the painting table for lunch.  To quote Rachael Ray–YUM-O!

Toddler party Lunch spread

Joelle went all out, preparing the entire paint project AND this healthy, homemade lunch.  As a Mom who barely packs my own lunch, I definitely would have gone the pizza or Costco trays route โ˜บ , so I was beyond impressed.  And then, as we got ready for cake and ice cream, Joelle revealed a whole new level of Mom genius that, quite frankly, made me proud to call her my friend ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Multipurpose Paint trays

The paint trays were back out (washed and clean, of course).  But instead of bright paint, each tray was now filled with a variety of sundae toppings.  GENIUS (and super yummy)!!  ๐Ÿ˜  The kids were not the only ones who loved this special treat.  

Masterpiece Theater

Thanks to an unseasonably warm January day, all the canvases dried even before the last bite of ice cream was gobbled up.  The blue painter’s tape easily peeled off to reveal each tot’s personalized craft.

Toddler Paint Party canvas

Later, with Mark’s help, 3M strips, and this dreamy floral garland, the girls’ bedroom doors became a perfect showcase for their work!

Toddler paint party craft

Now, each night before bed, E points at both her and A’s letters and proudly tells me, “I made that!  I made that!”

Not Just for Tots

This painting party was so much fun, I want to do it for a future toddler party, too.  But, why should the littles get all the fun?  Think of the possibilities…

                 Baby showers

                                      Date Nights

                                                      Girl’s Nights Out/In

                                                                               Bachelorette parties

                                                                                                             Bridal showers

Let your inner Picasso play ๐ŸŽจand host your very own paint party!  I can’t wait to see what you create.

Your Paint Party Shopping List

The best part about organizing a paint party?ย  Pretty much everything you need is available on Amazon.ย  (Interested in those awesome R+F Eye Cloths? My girl, Steph, will hook you up with those handy helpers!)

Toddler paint party shopping list

What’s even better?!ย  I’ve already done the leg work for ‘ya and put all the essentials into one easy-to-navigate Shopping List.ย  You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Happy painting!!ย  ๐ŸŽจ


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