Fix #44–a.k.a. “Merry Stitch-mas!”

Stitch Fix 44 Reveal

As promised, LooCers, here is my 44th Stitch Fix reveal.  Seriously…44…?!?!  That’s kind of mind-boggling.  That is 220 pieces of clothing and accessories delivered, tried on, kept, or returned over the past 4 years.  December, in fact, is my Stitch-Fix-a-versary.  4 wonderful years with my style soul mate.  Happy anniversary to us!  No wonder my stylist, Sabrina, sent me such an amazing box–must be her version of an anniversary gift.  Although the 4th anniversary is traditionally fruit or appliances, I think I can let it slide for this incredible Fix. ;)Stitch Fix 44 Reveal

My note

If you are familiar with Stitch Fix, you know that you can write a personal note to your stylist to discuss unique upcoming events in life or any current must-have pieces you are craving.  If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, please read my Stitch Fix 101 post 🙂

Alright, back to the Note.  Stitch Fix, currently, does not have a way to save your notes in your online profile.  So, if you want to remember  what you wrote, best thing is to screen shot it or jot it down somewhere you’ll remember.  For my December Merry Stitch-mas-aversary, I asked Sabrina to send any brand of jeans she thought I would love, something to pair with faux leather leggings (totally out of my style zone….totally trying them!!), and something that would be festive and comfortable for a relaxed holiday family gathering.  Boy, did she deliver!

First look–Warp + Weft, Franco Sarto, and Mixed Threads

Stitch Fix 44 outfitFirst up, Warp + Weft Marissa Skinny jeans–a classic pair of dark denim skinnies with SUPER stretch.  I love me some stretchy jeans–basically leggings in camouflage.  Unfortunately, the waist–my typical trouble spot for jeans–did not fit right and I also thought the leg opening was a little too loose for “skinny” jeans.  Verdict: return

Paired with the skinnies are the ultra shiny Franco Sarto Donnie Faux Leather Textured Heel.  Here is where Sabrina’s grasp of my style totally blew me away.  These heels are only about 1″ high (if that), which is absolutely perfect for me.  Daily Army uniform footwear is either male dress shoes or male combat boots–flat, flatty, flat.  I am totally conditioned for flats, now, and cannot function in anything over 2 or 3″ high.  Knowing this, Sabrina thoughtfully sent this super low pair that I can totally rock!  I’ll admit, they are NOT comfortable.  But, as my girlfriend put it, these are wear-to-dinner-and-back-again kind of shoes….these are definitely NOT walk-around-Disney-all-day kind of shoes.  They are flashy, they are cute, and I must add them to my closet immediately.  Verdict: KEEP (pray to not get blisters)Stitch Fix 44 shoes

Topping this outfit is the Mixed Threads Delano Tie Front Knit Top.  This piece is such a winner, I can’t even stand it.  I thought I would not even like this sweater when I “peeked” at my Fix.  (I’ll clue you in on the “peeking” secret later!) Ironically, it is the piece I love the most!  Cashmere-soft without the cashmere price tag.  Figure flattering.  And an absolutely perfect piece for a relaxed Christmas day with the family, in my opinion.  What do you think?  Verdict:  KEEP KEEP KEEP!!

Second look–MPG Sport

Stitch Fix 44 vest


Stitch Fix 44 vest ruffles

Sticking to my request for comfy wear, Sabrina included this MPG Sport Ginny Puffer Vest.  If Sabrina only knew how on point she was with this piece.  Maybe a little too on point, because my closet is already busting with a veritable rainbow of puffer vests.  I…love…vests.  The MPG Sport’s color is not my personal fave, but it IS perfect for Fall and Winter.  And, the ruffles….come on…how can I say no to that little ruffle detail??!!  I was all about keeping this vest, until I saw the surprisingly hefty price tag.  This vest is almost $100, people.  Yikes!  And, honestly, I feel like Icould find something similar at Costco for a fraction of that cost.  Verdict: Return (sorry cute ruffles)

Third look–Bobeau (pronounced “Beau-Beau”)  😉 

My final Fix item was this Bobeau Wallace Brushed Cardigan.  Much like the Mixed Threads top, this is one of the softest things you could hope to wear during chilly winter months.  And I haven’t seen this cool marled purple-pink color in stores yet.  Not to mention the added benefit of snuggling your best four-legged buddy in the front’s drapey material.


Stitch Fix 44 Bobeau

Admittedly, my cardigan stash easily rivals my puffer vest collection. Even my husband, when I asked his opinion on this sweater, was quite confused as he asked, “Um, don’t you have that already?” 

No, no I don’t have this EXACT sweater…in this EXACT color…totally justified to add to my closet.  Verdict: KEEP!  (Jimmie will be so happy I didn’t return his cuddle cardi).


Stitch Fix 44 Bobeau

Fix #44 complete…Fix #45 in the works!!

So, there ‘ya have it, LooCers.  I cannot wait to hear YOUR feedback on all these items.  Like one or two or five?  Pin them to your personal board to show your stylist!  And, don’t forget, you can always access your 1st Fix absolutely free HERE.  Zero cost, zero commitment, zero regret…YES, please!

Thanks so much for checking out my December Fix with me.

–XO, Brooke