My Note

Not one to give up easily when I’m on the hunt for that “missing link” in my wardrobe, I kept my requests for a pink trench coat and unique jeans rollin’ right into Stitch Fix #62. Aside from that, I gave Kimberly free rein to fill out the Fix with summery dresses or accessories.

Enough chit chat…on to the goods!

LooC #1–Pistola + 41 Hawthorn

Pistola Charlotte Distressed Uneven Frayed Hem Skinny Jean

Fit: TTS with great stretch. The uneven frayed hem made for a surprisingly short length (even on my short-legged 5’4″ frame 🤔)

Fray Hem Denim
Are you a fan of the fray hem? 🙋🏻‍♀️or 🙅🏻‍♀️
photo credit: @tubellephotography

Price: $$ the expected price point for Stitch Fix denim at just under $90. Not crazy outrageous…but enough that you won’t buy them if you’re not crazy about ’em 😜

Verdict: No Fray, José… 🤣 return

41 Hawthorn Cristen Shirt Dress

Fit: TTS, very light and easy to wear. *BONUS* no special undergarments required!

Price: $$ a bit pricier than expected at just under $80 😬

Verdict: I 💕 LOVED 💕 the idea of wearing this shirt dress as a kimono, but still craved brighter colors. After some debating, I opted to return it for this brighter version

LooC #2–THML

THML Faye Embroidered Dress

Fit: TTS, body skimming and comfy, comfy, oh, did I mention C-O-M-F-Y!!! 🥰

Price: $$ same price as the 41 Hawthorn (maybe $4 cheaper), but I would wear this style way more often. For me, this would be worth the expense.

Verdict: Return, with plans to request a different color/pattern for my next Fix.

LooC #3–Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Carlista Shift Dress

Fit: TTS, with a more structured, closer fit than the THML. Material does have stretch (hallelujah! 🙌🏼).

Price: $$$ this designer beauty was highest priced of all 5 items. Nearly $150 😮😮😮

Verdict: I wish I could have mixed this classic navy/whiute design with the THML’s fit (and price). Alas…this expensive number was returned. 😥

LooC #4–Skies are Blue

Skies are Blue Asa Stretch Linen Blend Blazer

(not pictured)

Fit: TTS with a surprising amount of stretch!!

Price: $$ another item just under $80. But, for a blazer, that does not seem unreasonable to me.

Verdict: KEEP! I decided the bright 🧡 coral would not be very versatile for my wardrobe. Instead, I requested an exchange thru Stitch Fix customer service for the same blazer in ⚪️ white (BEST customer service EVVEEERRRR!!!!!!)

Fix #62 in the books…Fix #63 in the works!

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn to type. I’d love for you to leave comments of what you liked/disliked from this Fix. Or, if you (like me) have had an exceptional Stitch Fix customer service experience, tell me about it!

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See you for the next Fix, friends!