Alright friends, I’m about to do something remarkable.  I’m about to…catch up on Stitch Fix Reveals!! 😁 Woohoo!!  You were expecting something a bit more monumental, perhaps?  Well, I’m pretty pumped 💪🏼  #bloggergoals

Enough chit chat…on to the goods!

My Note

After a full Spring (and most of Summer) sending grocery-list type notes to my stylist, I had absolutely ZERO special requests for July.  I’m sure Kimberly was just as shocked as y’all!  Finally, my only request was for her to do her thang and STYLE me up!  😉

LooC #1–Just Black, Bailey44, & MZ Wallace

Kimberly’s note highlighted the Just Black Nysa Skinny Jeans as the perfect Spring & Summer staple.  I am ALL about white denim!!  However, white denim can be one of those trickhy pieces that either makes you feel real good or REAL bad….if ya know what I mean.  Well, I am incredibly happy to report these Just Black skinnies are sure to make you feel real REAL GOOODDDD!!!!!!  I could not get over the fit when I tried them on.  Straight out of the box, they slipped on as if I’d owned them for years.  They have ZERO waist gap (unheard of for me & denim).  No see-through booty issues.  And they are the perfect length (I’m 5’4″ for reference, so “ankle” jeans usually fit me like regular length).  I’m a bit freaked out by how perfect these are, actually.  Ooohhh….one more incredible detail of these jeans.  They are only $78.  Typically, Stitch Fix denim runs upwards of $98 + 💰💰💰, so this price point was a very welcome surprise.

Verdict:  KEEP!!!!!!!!

Recommendation:  TTS (true to size) and budget friendly.  Request these gems

Bailey44 Trelli Top:  Fits oversized/ Costs $128
MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote:  Oversized/ Costs $225
Just Black Nysa Skinnies:  Fits TTS/ Costs $78

Do  not adjust your screens, you ARE seeing the exact same Bailey44 Trelli Cross Front Knit Top previously sent in Fix #51.  Because of the size exchange needed last time, I asked Kimberly to send the grey again in a smaller size (oops…guess I did slip one specific request in there 🙈).  Girl delivered!  👊🏼

Verdict:  Keep

Recommendation:  Size down on this oversized halter.  Also, save up for this top-quality 💵 budget-buster 💵

And, speaking of delivered, Kimberly ALSO remembered my ongoing MZ Wallace quest.  In an effort to fulfill my wish, she included this MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote in Fix 52.  Holy moly…I think “Large” is an understatement, here.  A better name for this bag might be the MZ Wallace Ginormous Tote.  🤣  As you can see, our 8-pound Jimmie easily fit with room to spare! (don’t worry, he hopped out half a second after this pic)  This tote is made for traveling–it’s even equipped with 2 removable pouches.  The slick, quilted material would cushion a light laptop or iPad nicely.  The brilliant 💙 cobalt color is striking and cheerful.  However, it’s not quite the shade or size I had in mind, and I can’t be spending pennies on a luxury brand if it’s not 💯 % right.

Verdict:  Return

Recommendation: Save up for this luxury tote.  Remember, the larger the MZ, the larger the 💰 investment 🤑.

LooC #2–Pink Clover and Just Black

Pink Clover Rachelyn Raglan Knit Top:  Fits TTS/ Costs $38

Kimberly is great about including lots of Mom-friendly clothes that are still cute and current.  This Pink Clover Rachelyn Raglan Knit Top is MFM (made for Mommin’!)  It’s relaxed fit ➕ soft knit material = the perfect combo.  Throw this sporty top on with distressed denim or soft loungers, and you’ll be voted most stylin’ sideline cheerleader for sure 😘⚽️.

Verdict: Return (immediately regretting that decision…will request this piece again for sure…) 🤦🏻‍♀️

LooC #3–Daniel Rainn, Just Black, & MZ Wallace

The last piece in Fix #52 was the Daniel Rainn Celina Split Neck Blouse.  I am normally a huge fan of Daniel Rainn (and, if you’re already a loyal Stitch Fix subscriber, you know DR is one of the company’s staple brands).  However, this particular print was not my fave.  I absolutely LOVED the brilliant 💙 blue background–nearly identical to the bright MZ tote, now that I see it side-by-side.  If the blouse had been solid blue, it would have been a total win.  The 🌺 floral 🌼 pattern, however,  just felt a little TOO overpowering.

Verdict:  Return. 

Daniel Rainn Celina Split Neck blouse:  Fits TTS/ Costs $64

Fix #52 in the books…Fix #53 in the works…

I can’t wait to read all your thoughts about Kimberly’s picks.  Remember to Pin your fave looks to your own Stitch Fix Pinterest board.  Creating a dedicated Stitch Fix Pinterest board really allows your stylist to get to know your likes and dislikes, which increases your chances of getting a 5/5 Fix every time!

See you for the next Fix, friends!

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