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The EYES have it

I must admit that one of my long-standing beauty goals is the pursuit of full, fluffy lashes.  I am always on the lookout for the perfect mascara, the creamiest liner, a miraculous serum.  And, of course, I only feel “ready” for the day after a quick squeeze or two from my tried-and-true eye lash curler.

Last year, my friend, Stephanie, introduced me to Rodan+Fields skincare.  Thanks to her expert guidance, I started using R+F Enhancements Lash Boost.  This little wand is magic, my friends!  Check out my before-and-after pics and full review from the January LooC List. Lash Boost serumWhile the length and volume increase was remarkable, I craved more.  More glam!  More curl!  After wearing false lashes for my sis-in-law’s wedding, I realized that was the level of impact I was hoping for.  eyelash extensionsI mean, come on!  Falsies = super FAB, but not super convenient.  They definitely are not practical for the 5-minute-routine I need on rushed mornings.  What to do….what to do…

Enter….FLOW Beauty Bar.

Hello, FLOW

I started following FLOW Beauty Bar on Instagram just as they announced a new addition to their team–Zara, a Master Esthetician from the U.K., trained at the Guinot Institute in Paris.  Zara would soon be offering lash lifts, tints, and brow tints.  I was intrigued.  So, as any faithful IG follower would….I began stalking their feed. 😎  A few posts later, it was official, Zara was at FLOW and available for booking.    I immediately messaged the Beauty Bar.  What’s the harm?  I thought.  I’m sure there will be a long waitlist, anyway.  Within 2 hours, FLOW responded, offering several appointments for the very…next…day.

I took the leap and booked an Elleebana Lash Lift, tint, and brow tint with Zara for the next afternoon.  What did that all mean?  I had no idea, so I stalked IG for more answers.  😉

According to @flowbeautybar, the Elleebana Lash Lift promised instant lash definition, nourishment, conditioning, and curl without the use of harmful chemicals or expensive extensions.  Too good to be true?

The Real Deal

The next afternoon, I took my before pic and headed off to FLOW Beauty Bar.

The boutique salon, nestled amid the contemporary community, One Loudoun, was pristine and tidy.Flow salon One Loudoun

Zara greeted me at the front desk and settled me in the private treatment space right away.

The room was clean and sanitary, with just enough space for Zara to work all around the table.  Before she could begin, several consent forms had to be signed as she explained the procedure, listed possible risks, and took care to check about recent eye infections or other complications.  After that, my only job was to lie still, face up, on the table as Zara set to work.

My eyes were closed for the majority of the treatment, but Zara thoroughly explained each step.  Honestly, it would be worth the money just to sit and listen to her talk for an hour.  Born in the U.S., but raised in the U.K., her lilting accent is beautiful and soothing.  We chatted about her trips home to Liverpool, the royal wedding (obviously), motherhood, and her transition back to the States.

The treatment started with cool pads placed just under my lower lashes.  Then Zara meticulously glued my upper lashes to a medium silicone roller.  There are 3 roller sizes available–small, medium, and large.  She explained that, since my lashes were fairly long already (thank you Lash Boost!), the medium roller would be the best starting point.  Gluing took a bit longer than expected….again, due to my lash length.  Apparently thicker, longer lashes are more resistant to the glue.

After my lashes were successfully adhered to the roller, Zara applied the Ellebaana curling lotion (aka, magic cream!).  This step, she explained, is extremely nourishing for the lashes.  The lotion is enhanced with several proteins, including Keratin, which condition and rejuvenate the follicles.

The lotion set for little over 6 minutes.  After the conditioner was removed, Zara tinted my upper and lower lashes and brows.  Finally, the silicone rollers were removed.  A few passes with a dry mascara wand to fluff my lashes, and I was ready for the big reveal.

Are you ready???

Ba….wait for it…Lash Lift FLOW Beauty Bar


Lash Lift = Pure 💜 💙 💛 ❤

I am overjoyed with results of the Ellebaana Lash Lift.  It is a MUST-TRY!!  And guess what?  Because you are a lovely LooC-er, you get to try it for a DISCOUNT!!

Use code BROOKE-LIFT when you book and checkout at FLOW for your $15 discount**

And you know I’m going to want to see your results, so post away, friends!

You do NOT have to have super long lashes to start with.  A lash lift works for all types!  Zara even discussed how lash lifts may relieve pain for people whose lashes grow down (instead of up).  Zara has the training, expertise, and all the tools to ensure optimal results, personalized just for you.  I absolutely love the look the medium roller created.  I don’t think it is too wild (especially when I am in uniform), but I feel that my eyes look more fresh and open, even without mascara.  And I am (almost) tempted to throw my eyelash curler away.  I won’t need it for a couple months, at least!

The Low Down

Budget an hour for your lash lift & tint.

Go naked (your face, that is)!  No need to wear makeup, lotions, or moisturizers, as it all has to get wiped clean.

Be calm.  The process is painless, I promise.  All you have to do is lie still and enjoy Zara’s accent.

Plan to avoid water for 24 hours after your Lash Lift.  No showering…no face washing…nada.

It is normal for lashes to appear clumpy and slightly sticky afterwards.  This will resolve once you wash your face (AFTER 24 hours).  Contact with water will soften and feather the lashes out even more!  (AFTER 24 hours…I can’t stress that enough).

Lash Lift results can last from 6-12 weeks, depending on your unique “lash cycle.”  Did you know eyelashes regenerate that often?  I had no idea.  Good news, here, for us more “mature” gals…the older you are, the longer your lash cycle!  Woohoo!!!  I am predicting I may need another Lift in August, but I’ll keep you posted!

A Brow Tint, though more temporary than a Lash Lift, is a great splurge.  Zara recommended having brows tinted right before a special event.

Pictures Speak 1,000 Words



Follow FLOW on IG (@flowbeautybar) for more examples of their incredible brow and lash artistry.  You might even see THIS familiar face (err…lashes) featured there! 

Don’t forget…

Use code BROOKE-LIFT when you book and checkout at FLOW for your $15 discount**



**Services must be booked by June 30th to enjoy the $15 BROOKE-LIFT discount





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