Mother's Day Gift Guide

A world with Amazon Prime is a world made for last-minute gift-givers (like me πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ).

So, in the spirit of helping others like me, I’ve curated my favorite Amazon finds into “Gift Kits” perfectly matched to all the different “Mom types” out there! πŸ’•

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The Glam Mom

this Mom craves a little glam in her life

For the Mom that craves that extra touch of ✨ glitz-and-glam ✨ these gifts will make her day! A chic watch, a pampering paper mask, an eyeshadow palette made to dazzle…and more!

The Traveling Mom

this Mom is always on-the-go

For the Mom that is go-go-GO 🧳 these gifts will make packing a delight for her, rather than a chore. The perfect jewelry portfolio, a catch-all makeup pouch, a portable handheld steamer…and more!

The Pampered Mom

this Mom deserves some at-home Spa time

For the Mom who never finds time to book that Spa appointment, these at-home pampering essentials will allow her to indulge any time! A bit of TLC for the face, body soaks, the dreamiest cardi…and more!

The Jeans-and-Tee Mom

this Mom keeps it cool, casual, and cheeky

This Mom keeps it calm, cool, and comical. She’s EVERY Mom! Rock her style with any of these graphic tees that proclaim her “Mom Hustle” to the world!

Happy Mother’s Day, friends!