Jewelry always fits…

I was thinking about mottos the other day.  Probably because my daughter’s current soundtrack-of-choice is Disney’s “The Lion King,” so Timone and Pumba’s antics are on constant repeat these days–“What’s a motto?”  “Nothing, what’s a ‘motto’ with you?”

What mottos drive your life?

I try–as best as I can–to embrace the motto “Courage” for life’s most trying challenges.

My fashion mottos, on the other hand, mainly consist of “Leggings are pants” and “Jewelry always fits.”

Think about it…sure, a piece of jewelry might not suit your exact color or size preference, but it ALWAYS fits.  Has a pair of hoop earrings ever reduced you to tears in a dressing room?  Has a necklace ever made you self-conscious about your hips?  No way!  Jewelry always fits.  And the right piece can elevate even the most basic Target tee to a super glam, IG-worthy look!  😉

That’s why–whether browsing online or passing a window display–I am always on the lookout for SPARKLE !!!

I’ll just get one…

A few months ago, while browsing (er…stalking??) my fave blogger–Living in Yellow’s–FB page, I kept seeing her model this same gorgeous necklace. The cheerful color always caught my eye, and, no matter what she paired it with–shorts and a tank top, denim and a blouse–it always looked great. 

I must have clicked on the link about a hundred times, and it always took me to the same page–an Etsy boutique called I Crave Jewels.

Finally, by click number 101, I took the plunge and invested in this pale pink Jackie-O beaded necklace.

Well, that first taste of the “Crave girl” world was like opening a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints….impossible to stop at one.  I had to have another….and another…and another!  My collection quickly grew to include hot pink…then blue…then purple…

…and then I discovered her earrings.  Check out these gorgeous Swarovski drops!

It’s safe to say I am now officially obsessed with I Crave Jewels.  And, happily, the shop owner, Erin, has plenty of outlets to satisfy the craving!  Her latest IG account– @cravegirlsaretheprettiestgirls–is specifically for jewelry fans.  And, of course, you can always follow her on FB and Etsy.  Her shop is one of my Etsy faves (obviously)!

The beauty of Erin’s creations is equally matched by her impressive customer service.  She is incredibly responsive and beyond helpful.  I must have messaged her at LEAST 7 times when trying to narrow down which blue necklace to invest in.  Erin patiently (and QUICKLY) responded to each and every one of my questions, even going so far as to send pictures of the individual beads in different light to help me see their true color.  How amazing is that?!

Worth the $$$

Her unique gems are 100% worth the investment.  Beyond the impeccable craftsmanship, Erin’s handmade pieces truly ARE one-of-a-kind.  (Hint…that means the most popular styles sell out, so if you have your eye on one, don’t wait!!).

And, as if you needed any more reason to fall for I Crave Jewels, Erin extends regular discounts and sales, so there are always opportunities to fulfill your “cravings” at a slightly lower price-point.  Crave girls love a good sale!!  If you are a VIP follower on FB or IG, she may even give early alerts and access to said sales!  😉  Just sayin’  🙂

Whatever your preferred style or color, I guarantee Erin has a piece to suit your needs.  Check out this emerald beauty to be featured this spring in The Pioneer Woman.  Can you say St. Patty’s day??!!

I can’t wait for you to discover the sparkling world of I Crave Jewels.  Share your fave piece in the comments below or on LooC’s FB page!!


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