How to make an easy ornament wreath with 3 simple tools

I have never been one of those Moms who steadily checks off Christmas-to-dos throughout the year…that is just way too much forethought and planning.  Instead, I spend the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve alternating between an absurd amount of online shopping and trips to Target..many, many trips to Target.

This year, on each of those trips to Target, I kept seeing this cute little ornament wreath.  But, the colors weren’t quite my taste.  So, finally, after about the fourth time of picking up this cute wreath and NOT buying it, I had that great thought that precedes almost every single DIY attempt….

“I could totally make that.  I mean, how hard can it be?”  

Step one–Supplies

I seriously had NO idea how to start an ornament wreath.  I’ve never made any type of wreath before…ever…not to mention I have an irrational fear of glue guns.  So, I decided to start with a small size, in case things went horribly wrong.

My first stop–Michael’s.  They had TONS of wreath forms to choose from and I had a mild anxiety attack trying to figure out the right size.  Finally, after much debating and Googling, I settled on a 12-inch plain white styrofoam ring.

Other supplies I needed (but already had at home)–craft scissors, pliers, and (ironically) a small glue gun.


Ornament wreath

Step 2–Shatterproof Ornaments!!

Next stop–Target (and then back to Michael’s)–to stock up on ornaments. SHATTERPROOF ornaments.  That’s an important detail I almost overlooked.

You could EASILY cut down costs on this step if you already have a stash of round bulbs you don’t know what to do with.  I wanted specific colors, so I started from scratch.  Seriously, look at how many ornaments I came home with….this is madness…trust me, it did NOT take this many for one wreath!!  I will tally it all up for ya at the end…

The bonus about doing this close to Christmas is stores are all about clearance prices for Holiday items.  Much of these ornament sets were 50-60% off!

**UPDATE** Just saw my favorite Target ornaments I used on the wreath are marked down to only $10!!

Ornament wreath DIY

Step 3–Ready…set…GLUE…

If you love doing puzzles, you’ll probably love the next part.  Putting your ornament wreath together really is like piecing together a puzzle.  You could definitely freestyle it and just start gluing.  I needed to organize myself, though, so I started by setting my ring out and arranging the inner layer until I was happy with the color scheme.  While you’re doing this, go ahead and plug in your glue gun to warm up.

Simple DIY Ornament wreath

Once you’re happy with your set-up, use pliers to remove ornament hooks and get gluing!  I am super happy to report that, after 36 years, I finally overcame my fear of hot glue guns.  I only glued my fingers a few times, and it didn’t even hurt that bad.  That being said, I learned very quickly that I needed to keep my work confined to high counters, with the glue gun cord well out of the way of Eliana’s curious, grabbing hands.

Step 4–Keep going…

With the inner layer in place, I arranged larger ornaments around the outside.  All in all, I ended up using four different size bulbs to help fill in gaps and make a nice, healthy looking wreath.

Simple DIY Ornament wreath

With the inner and outer ring set, it’s time to fill all the white space in between.  Let your creativity flow!  Simply arrange, rearrange, glue, repeat until you’re happy with your ornament wreath (or you run out of glue…and patience).  I definitely had some frustrating moments along the way, especially when the glue didn’t actually glue.  But, after a couple hours, I had my finished product… TA-DA!!

Simple DIY Ornament wreath

Step 5–Admire your work

All that’s left to do is pick a spot to show off your gorgeous creation.  Honestly, I was afraid to pick the wreath up, because I just envisioned every single ornament popping right off.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the wreath felt when I lifted it and hung it on Adelyn’s door.

First test…would it make it through the night?  Answer…YES!!!  I was so excited (and had so many extra ornaments), I made one for Eliana’s room, too.  Hope you have fun with this super easy, fun DIY ornament wreath.

Simple DIY Ornament wreath       Simple DIY Ornament wreath     Simple DIY Ornament wreath

I can’t wait to see YOUR creations!  I hope you will post them in the comments below or on LOOC’s FaceBook page   Happy Holidays!!  

What you need to know:

Level of difficulty: EASY

Time to complete: 2-3 hours (once you get used to it, you’ll get even faster)

Supplies needed: Wreath form, pliers, craft scissors, hot glue gun, shatterproof ornaments

Ornaments needed (for 1 wreath on a 12″ frame):  Approximately 16-17 large (2.5″), 14-16 medium (2″), and 50-55 small variety (0.75-1.25″).  Michael’s sells little baggies labeled “Deluxe Fillers” that were a lifesaver to cover awkward gaps.