A few weeks ago I did something I have not done since I was a kid.  I had eye surgery!  My eye muscles have always needed some extra TLC.  They settled down for a while, until recently when my left eye started drifting into its old habits.  Literally…drifting.  Lazily wandering out, creating the illusion I was constantly looking off to the side.  Not only was it making me outrageously self-conscious but, it was also causing massive nightly headaches.  Finally, in early January, I booked an appointment at Walter Reed to confirm what I pretty much already knew was coming.

Surgery was scheduled for the end of February.  Ahh, the perfect excuse to send myself a Stitch Fix care package!

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My Note

46 Stitch Fix deliveries under my belt, and this is the FIRST time I forgot to write a note to my stylist.  Can you believe it?  I blame the impending surgery for distracting me.  Ha  πŸ˜‰  It did make for a really exciting Stitch Fix delivery day, though.  Between no peeking AND no note, I truly had NO clue what would be in my Fix.

As an additional surprise, this Fix was styled by a new stylist (new-to-me, at least) named Ginny.  While I definitely miss Sabrina, I feel like this was the push I needed to start exploring the Stitch Fix rolodex.  What do you think?  Quick, let’s take a poll!  As a Stitch Fix customer, do you prefer the same stylist or do you like shaking it up every time?  Leave a comment to vote.

Now…on to the goods!

LooC #1–Market & Spruce, Joe’s Jeans, Bindya

This Fix was bursting with Spring color–a much needed pick-me-up in between frigid nor’easters.  I was giddy over the solid jewel tone of the Market & Spruce Torrence Emroidered Top…until I realized it was only the back.  The white and blue faux embroidered front looked more “country gal” than “stylish Mom” to me.  Although I loved the fit of this relaxed shell, the pattern was a deal breaker.  Verdict:  Return

Stitch Fix, Market and Spruce, Joe's Jeans

Ginny’s next pick was a pair of Joe’s Jeans Icon Skinny Crops.  YES to the gorgeous blush color!  Double YES to the incredible stretch and softness!  Triple YES to the rise and fit.  (Don’t worry, if you are leggy, these will actually be cropped on you!)  What I did not realize, as I was oohing and aahing over these jeans, was their premium status.  Hello, price tag!!  Don’t get me wrong.  Like I mentioned in my Birthday Fix post, I definitely value investment pieces.  These, however, did not feel remarkably different from my trusted Old Navy rockstars or Wit & Wisdom skinnies.  Verdict:  Return

Ginny recommended topping the entire ensemble with this peach Bindya Multi Fringe Oblong Scarf.  I would never have thought to put these 3 together, but it seemed to work…kind of…  What do you think?  The multicolored tassels are super on trend right now.  But tassels on a scarf?  I wasn’t sold.  Then I put it on.  And I still wasn’t sold.  πŸ€”  They either got lost in the folds of material (which was decadently soft, by the way…major plus) or they stuck out at funny angles.  This scarf was a bit too fussy, even for its bargain price.  Verdict: Return.

LooC #2–good hYOUman & Tommy Hilfiger

good hYOUman leggings

ATHLEISURE!  😍  How does Ginny know me so well, already?  Maybe Sabrina gave her the inside scoop.  πŸ˜‰  I may be a clothes horse, but leggings and a comfy sweatshirt always make me most happy!  I was super excited to try these good hYOUman Madeline Graphic Detail leggings.  I was even more excited they fit (and fit well), because, frankly, they looked toddler-size at first glance.  Take heart, if you request these, they are VERY stretchy and forgiving.  The cheeky “Bye” printed on the back totally put me over the top.  Verdict:  Keep

good hYOUman graphic leggings, Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt

The Tommy Hilfiger Mellva Zip Up Knit Hoodie had all the markings of something I would buy for myself.  Stripes, cozy fleece lining, a surprising splash of bright blue along the zipper.  Adorable on top of adorable!  Unfortunatley, I am just not a TH fan.  Even a cozy “test run” around the house to convince myself otherwise didn’t sway me.  Verdict:  Return

LooC #3–Extras (not pictured)Β Β 

Fix #47 was allowed me to try Stitch Fix’s newest offering:  Extras.  Unmentionables, underoos, lingerie, brassieres, over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.  πŸ˜‰  Whatever you call them,  Stitch Fix now offers a wide array of these foundational items, leaving it up to YOU to choose exactly what goes in your box.  You choose the item, the style, the size, even the color.  Simply click “Add to Fix.”  Stitch Fix offers these Extras with ZERO commitment to buy.  You can even try the undies ON and return them if they don’t fit well.  Germs creep you out?  No worries, Stitch Fix includes a sanitary guard and plastic baggie for all “Extras” returns.  I cannot say if these offerings are permanent, so take advantage now by adding them to your next Fix.

Fix #47 in the books…Fix #48 in the works  

I am so excited to hear your thoughts on Ginny’s picks.  Remember to Pin any images you like and add them to your own Stitch Fix Pinterest boards.  Creating a board for your stylist to reference allows her to really tune in to your likes and dislikes, which only increases your chance of getting an entire Fix of KEEPS.  Besides that, there is just a ton of inspiration waiting to be found on Pinterest, right?

See you for the next Fix!


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