Ahh, February…the most wonderful time of the year for Team Trink!  This month is, basically, one non-stop celebration.  Between Mark’s birthday, Valentine’s day, and MY birthday, we have reason to toast to our good health (immediately followed by cake and ice cream) at least once a week!  I’m sure that, after 37 years, I’m expected to be over my own birthday hype….but, I can’t help it.  As soon as February rolls around, I’m all…

I firmly believe everyone is entitled to their own birthday holiday!  Supervisors should give you the day off; laundry, dishes and groceries should not be on your to-do list; and your drink of choice should be free at your local Starbucks!  Well…at least one of those actually happens.  πŸ˜‰  (Love you, Starbucks!).

Despite having to work AND do laundry on my “holiday,” I did get two perfectly wonderful birthday gifts–a family dinner date at our fave Rosa Mexicano and my Birthday Fix.

What is a “Birthday Fix?”  Does Stitch Fix gift you an extra credit?  Is there a surprise 6th piece in your box?  Do they send balloons attached to ponies?  Sorry, friends.  As of now, a Birthday Fix simply means scheduling your Stitch Fix to coincide with your birthday.  A true “treat yo-self” moment.  (Ahem, Stitch Fix, if you’re reading….maybe we can discuss implementing true “Birthday Fixes” for your loving, loyal customers.  I’ve got some ideas, call me!)

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My Note

My note to Sabrina mentioned my birthday (obviously).  I told her about my hopes for something flirty to wear for a (rare) date night with Mark.  I also requested  Stitch Fix’s newest addition–an MZ Wallace tote.  Finally, since the Mavi jeans from my last Fix didn’t fit right, I asked Sabrina for a high-waisted option.  

If you’ve been following my Stitch Fix reveals so far, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that my girl, Sabrina, did not disappoint.  Here’s the goods…

LooC #1–Liverpool, Velvet by Graham and Spencer, and MZ Wallace

Liverpool Skinny Jeans

Sabrina sent Liverpool Tinsley High-Rise Skinnies–a brand I own and love.  Liverpool is probably most famous for their pull-on jeggings.  Pull-on Liverpools are super stretchy, super forgiving, and super wearable.  The zipper fly of this Tinsley style actually took me by surprise.  I didn’t know Liverpool made such a thing!  Haha. If you have never tried Liverpools before, I highly recommend requesting a pair for your next Fix. Fair warning…they might become your favorite thing to wear!  Despite loving the brand, the stretch, and the dark wash of these, I feel like I already own something (or…many somethings) similar.  Verdict:  Return.

MZ Wallace Medium Sutton Tote

Sabrina recommended pairing the Liverpools with this Velvet by Graham and Spencer Audie V-Neck Cut Out tee.  Underwhelming, to say the least…What do you think??  Don’t get me wrong, I am totally obsessed with all things blush pink.  But, between the plain appearance, awkward shoulder detail, and surprisingly high price tag, this top was an easy decision.  Verdict:  Return.  

Sabrina recommended accessorizing the entire look with my top request–an MZ Wallace Medium Sutton Tote.  Does she rock, or does she rock??!!  The quilted material is soft and seems easy to clean (i.e. toddler-friendly).  However, the size is quite a bit smaller than I normally carry these days (see toddler reference above).  I was also hoping for a bright color.  I chatted with Stitch Fix customer service about a color exchange, but, currently, they only carry this grey or burgundy.  I had my heart set on light blue, for some reason.  Since the designer bag did not meet my size or color wishes, I felt it better to not invest in it just yet.  Verdict: (sadly) Return.

LooC #2–Kut from the Kloth and 41Hawthorn

41Hawthorn Prinsloo Ruffle Neck Blouse

This combination was Sabrina’s date night suggestion.  The Kut from the Kloth Callyn Slim Straight Leg Pant are amazing.  Athletic joggers disguised as professional attire…that’s totally my style!  πŸ˜‰   I especially love the subtle tuxedo stripe down the leg.  So stinkin’ cute!!  Unfortunately, my legs were about 6″ too short for these pants.  I felt frumpy and boxy, even with these adorable velvet block heels from LOFT.  I did contact Stitch Fix about a petite option, but they only have regular length for this exact item.  Verdict: Return.

The 41Hawthorn Prinsloo Ruffle Neck Blouse certainly had all the elements I currently crave.  Light pink…check.  Ruffle detail…check.  Polka dots…check.  Sleeveless…check.  But, it felt more business-like than date-night to me.  I think this would be a great top under a cropped blazer.  Verdict: Return. 

Fix #46 in the books…#47 in the works!

What did you think of my Birthday Fix?  If you’d like to request any of these items for your own Fix, all my images are totally Pin-able.  Add them to your Stitch Fix Pinterest board straight away!  Check out my Pinterest boards for even more inspo!  Need help?  Just drop a comment or message me, and I’ll be happy to help.  Never tried Stitch Fix before?  I gotcha covered.  Get your 1st Fix free here. 

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about Fix #46!

~XO, Brooke