Fix #45–a.k.a “Back to School”

Hey there, my favorite LooC-ers.  A New Year, a new month, and…*drum roll*…a new Stitch Fix reveal!!!  As an added bonus, my super handy husband, Mark, helped me film the whole event.  To keep it 100% authentic, I even stopped myself from PEEKING at this Fix.  That’s a fun Stitch Fix trick I am more than happy to share with you.  Please comment below if you want to learn how to PEEK.  If you are new to Stitch Fix, stop right now and check out THIS post, first, to fill you in on ALL the basics of the styling service.  As usual, first time Fixers, get your first box here for FREE (seriously…FREE!!!)

My Note

I scheduled Fix #45 to arrive just before I left for a week of class at Liberty University that they call “Intensives.”  And, boy, are they aptly named.  Typically, Liberty mandates a professional dress code while attending class on campus.  I asked Sabrina to outfit me for this occasion.  Plus, I’m slightly obsessed with jeans, so I also asked her to send a new brand of jeans to try.  Here are the goods…

LooC #1–Skies are Blue and Mavi

Chambray and jeans

First up, Sabrina came through by sending me a brand of jeans I have never tried–Mavi.  These Mavi Freida Skinny Jeans (although the actual label said Alexa..hmmm) are pretty darn awesome.  Dark wash–good.  Super stretchy–double good.  Feels like a combination of butter and denim–triple good.  Low rise that makes me feel like I’ll be on the verge of an embarrassing “plumber-esque” incident all day–NOT good.  Verdict:  Return. πŸ™  I definitely plan to request another pair of Mavis in the future, though, if there is a slightly higher rise available.

The Skies are Blue Alisson Chambray Top took me by surprise.  It doesn’t necessarily shout “professional” to me, but I also didn’t hate it right out of the box.  However, it fit too tight in my shoulders/upper back (anyone else have that issue with tops?) and is just a tad too faded for my liking.  I have a couple classic denim button downs in my closet already that I would likely choose over this one, anyway…Verdict: Return.

LooC #2–41 Hawthorn

Stitch Fix 45 41Hawthorn Dress
Stitch Fix 45 41Hawthorn

One important rule of Stitch Fix is to never judge a piece until you’ve tried it on.  Well (as you can probably tell from the video), I judged this 41Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse straight away.  And…unfortunately…I judged correctly.  This shirt is just not me.  Not my fave color combo, not a great fit, and not nice-feeling material.  Verdict: Easy Return (sorry, Sabrina!) 

LooC #3–41 Hawthorn

This 41Hawthorn Flynn Colorblock dress is one I have seen on several Facebook boards before, so I was happy to finally get to see it in person.  The colors were just perfect–deep blue accented by a crisp, spring green.  Unfortunately, the sizing of this was all sorts of funky.  And I don’t mean “Uptown Funk(y).”  We’re talking too low cut at the chest, too wide open in the arms, and too “prego” looking at the waist.  πŸ™   I always have issues with dresses banded at the natural waist.  Empire or straight sheaths are friendlier cuts to my post-baby tummy.  Verdict: (sadly) Return.

LooC #4–Skies are Blue

I’m not a gambler, but I believe the winning phrase is Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.  Well, that’s totally how I felt about this Skies are Blue Asa Ponte Blazer.

Stitch Fix 45 Skies are Blue Blazer

It is professional looking, but as soft and comfy as a well-worn sweatshirt.  Plus stripes.  Plus a perma-rolled cuff with ruching detail.  Come to mama!!!!  This was love straight out of the box, and if it did not fit right, I might have cried.  Thank goodness, the material’s hint of stretch made it a perfect fit…Verdict: KEEP!!  It, literally, went straight into my suitcase for school.

Fix #45 in the books…#46 in the works…

I cannot wait to hear what you thought about Sabrina’s picks and, also, what you thought of the reveal video.  Shall we do more videos in the future?  Leave your comments below and please share Life Out of Camo with your friends and family.

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