Hey, I’m Brooke!  Welcome to my hectic, messy, silly, ordinary life as a full-time working Mama of 2 beautiful littles.  I am a Sergeant First Class in the Army.  This means that the majority of my days are spent (literally) marching around in an assortment of ultra flattering Army service uniforms (cue eye roll).  So, I decided it was time to create a space devoted entirely to the things that inspire my life spent outside of camouflage.

My #1 inspiration–as you can imagine–is my family.  Meet my incredible husband, Mark, and our gorgeous girlies, Adelyn and Eliana.  Mark and I have been together for over 11 years now!  We met at work (we’ll talk more about that later) and have been an inseparable team ever since.  Literally, our nickname at work is “Team Trink”…we have hats and everything ☺️

My second inspiration is fitness.  Yes, the Army requires me to meet physical fitness standards every few months in order to keep my job, but that’s not the main reason I love to workout.  Taking a bit of time, every day, to stretch or run or strength train really clears my head and reenergizes me.  Honestly, I am totally convinced that my workouts make me a better Mom.  I feel better about myself, I get a much-needed mood boost, and that definitely translates to my girls.  I love fitness so much, I even got certified as a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer so I could work at our local gym, which I did for a spell, but…you know…life…babies…time.  So, instead, I’ll share training tips here with you, and save us all a trip to the gym!

Finally, my third inspiration (probably Mark’s least fave), finding treasures!  I am an avid online shopper and a frequent visitor to LOFT, Target, and, my beloved, Athleta.  For someone who wears a uniform every day, you would not believe the amount of clothes and workout gear I have jammed in my closets.  Ugh…it’s embarrassing, but it also brings me joy, so…why not?  I can’t wait to share great fashion tips, bargain finds, and new faves with you.

I am so looking forward to sharing the everyday joys and struggles with you.  I know I am going to learn just as much from you as I hope you will from me.  Let’s get started!


Life Out of Camo Brooke