PJs and a Revelation

2018 is hereIn my obsession for PJ comfs, I happened across a pair at one of my fave stores several weeks ago.  The muted teal color drew me in, the metallic design had me reaching for my wallet, and the super soft material nearly got me to the register, until I took a closer look at what the design actually said.  Buried in the prettiness was a message that made me pause….and frown….”New Year, Same Me”  NO WAY!!  Needless to say, the comfs went back on the rack and I would seriously urge the brand (which shall remain nameless) to reconsider their design team.  Even now, weeks later, that message still bothers me.  What do you think of that phrase?

New Year, __________  Me (Fill in the Blank)

Tell me your word to fill in the blank!  There are so many possibilities…New Year, Fresh Me…New Year, Updated MeNew Year, Fabulous Me.  So many choices!  2018 possibilities As upsetting as the statement New Year, Same Me is, I can’t honestly say I like New Year, New Me any better.  That just calls to mind all those impossibly huge resolutions we feel pressured to apply come January 1st…and that plague us with guilt by February 1st.  Clearly, I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions.  Why should one day get all the glory when there are 364 perfectly other good mornings in the year?!  Every day brings the promise of a new beginning, a “do-over,” the chance to be better, or to simply TRY to be better.  Hmmm…somehow my anti-resolution talk has  led straight into a 2018 resolution, I think.

Anti-Resolution Resolutions

Resolution #1–approach each day anew and try not to get bogged down by the day-to-day slip-ups of Mommyhood (a.k.a….less anxiety attacks in 2018).    

Resolution #2–bring the best of myself to LooC to grow it into the uplifting community I know it can be.  I need your help with this one!  First, become a LooC-er on IG and FB to make sure you see all the latest updates, stories, and best Snapchat filters.  😉  Next, please invite your friends…spread the word… let’s build this community together!

Resolution #3–Only buy comfs with uplifting messages.  Think I’ll stick to my latest faves. In case you’re also on the search for new comfs, here are my top picks:

Grayson Threads “Hooray for Rose” graphic sweatshirt–size downMindy Mae’s Market Breakout lounger–size upMindy Mae’s Market Breakout Lounger–size upDressbarn dB Star Tee–size down

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  Don’t forget to comment with how YOU would fill in the blank:  New Year,________ Me.


Brooke  🙂